Soy Milk Dangers – Weight Gain & Health Risks

Many people think soy milk is healthy, especially when they are lactose intolerant. That’s because advertising promotes it as a healthy alternative.

It isn’t.

Soy milk dangers exist because it’s an unnatural by-product your body can’t digest without processing. If you were to eat unprocessed soy, it would cause cramping, nausea, and can cause more serious health problems. Maybe you are experiencing these symptoms and never considered that it could be related to drinking soymilk.

The Industry claims that in countries where soy is a dietary staple, such as China and Indonesia, soy consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of certain chronic diseases. Societies that depend heavily on soy-based foods use traditional preparation methods thousands of years old that neutralize or eliminate these poisons. Tempeh, miso, natto, are fermented products and are safe. The fermentation process destroys the toxins. Tofu in Asia comes from the pressed “curds” of the soybean and the toxins are removed.

The soybean itself is inedible. Soybeans contain toxins meant to ward off insects that was initially used in Asia to protect the soil.

The soy milk dangers include:

  • anti-nutrients prevent your body from absorbing essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc that could lead to osteoporosis.
  • enzyme inhibitors, make it harder for your body to absorb protein. Both of these substances can give you abdominal pain, gas, nausea, cramps, and other gastrointestinal problems.
  • hemagglutinin, a substance that can promote blood clots.
  • goitrogens, which can cause gout and thyroid problems.

The industrial processes of making soymilk: washing the beans in alkaline or boiling them in a petroleum-based solvent; bleaching, deodorizing, and pumping them full of additives; heat-blasting and crushing them into flakes; and then mixing them with water to make “milk.” Does this sound healthy to you?

This adds more dangerous chemicals without removing any of soy’s natural toxins. This is NOT a “dietary staple” in China, Indonesia, or any other country. And because of the soymilk dangers it shouldn’t be here either. Unfortunately, over 60% of the foods on the grocery store shelves contain some form of soy, but you have to know what to look for because it’s not listed on the labels.

The soy formula and soy milk dangers have a negative impact on infants and children. Certain studies have shown that soy infant formula can cause zinc deficiency that is important to the development of the nervous system. The aluminum content is ten times greater than the amount found in milk-based formula and has a toxic effect on the kidneys.

Even if you were lactose intolerant, you are still better off with milk than soymilk because, believe-it-or-not, it’s easier to digest. A better substitute would be Goat, Rice or Almond Milk. For vegetarians and vegans, I recommend substituting soy protein with whole grain rice or whey protein instead.

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About the Author

Dianne Gregg (94 Posts)

After developing a severe allergy to soy that nearly killed her, Dianne Gregg learned the truth behind this supposed health food. “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” is the culmination of her efforts to educate others on the issue in hopes more will avoid soy’s underreported—yet widely researched—negative health impacts.

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  1. June 13, 2010    

    This is a GREAT article! Thank you for your insights. I knew that soy was not good for us but didn't know that about the enzyme inhibitors. Know wonder why I felt bloated and unhealthy back a few years ago when I was drinking it regularly! I was searching for a milk substitute a while back when I began a new exercise regime. I switched to soy milk and in a matter of just a few weeks I had gained about 15 pounds and could not figure out how. It wasn't healthy pounds from workout it was all in my stomach and intestines! My intuition told me it was the milk and I stopped drinking it. Within a matter of days I felt a lot better and began dropping the extra weight.

  2. Heidi Heidi
    June 29, 2010    

    My husband and I have used soy milk in recipes to help lower our weight and cholestrol. It has been great.

    Sorry you had such a bad reaction.

  3. Casey Casey
    July 2, 2010    

    I was just wondering where you had done all your research on the topic. Please let me know where you got your information. Thanks.

  4. July 2, 2010    

    Casey, I spent several months and read over hundreds of studies on soy. I reviewed studies from to Biology Reproduction , Consumer Health Organization appeared in the Washington Post Health Section 2001, Dr. Mercola, and Weston A. Price Foundation

    • Promthanom Promthanom
      September 7, 2011    

      1. Out dated research/studies.
      2. Very limited research. Five sites (two are broken links) with a few articles about the dangers of soy? I could go to dozens sites with proof that say the Moon landing was a hoax. Should I believe them?
      3. One of your research sites list LARD as being a wholesome food. I had to read that one twice.
      4. A couple of the sites you listed just copied/pasted from the same articles word for word. They didn't even do a "scientific" study, they stole someone else's.
      5. This Dr. Mercola you listed has been accused of fraud and scare tactics to make his medical claims. Even the FDA has went after him for some of the "studies" and "research" he has on his website. Ya, he sounds reliable.
      6. A couple of these sites do not look trustworthy for research. I mean they have ADs for "lose weight overnight" and "how to make millions without leaving your home" and look like they haven't been update since 2001.
      7. One sided research. You basically went and Googled "The Dangers of Soy". Good for you, now try and Google "The Myths of Soy" and see what happens.
      8. If soy milk is so toxic then why is it being sold in US stores with an USDA approval stamp?
      9. The one thing I notice you left out concerning the cons about drinking soy milk is that it only applies if you are allergic to soy products or consuming LARGE QUANTITIES DAILY… as in gallons. That also applies to just about EVERYTHING we humans can eat. It's called moderation. Learn to use it.

      The most frightening thing about looking up the pros and cons of soy milk is that a lot of the so called "Soy is BAD" sites have just copied from other "Soy is BAD" sites when it comes to research and studies. You, Dianne, are no different.

      In the end all I did was ask my OB/GYN and family doctors if drinking soy milk was safe for ME. They both said the same thing, "Yes it's safe to drink."

      • just sayin just sayin
        September 13, 2011    

        if you think the FDA or USDA give a crap about your health, you are an idiot

        • Promthanom Promthanom
          September 14, 2011    

          Look at your comment, now back to mine. Now back at your comment now back to mine. Sadly it isn't mine, but if you stop trolling and start posting legitimate comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're scrolling through comments writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, it's a reply saying something you need to hear. Look again, the reply is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you think before you post.

          Besides, if you think Dianne actually gives a crap about your health and not trying to make money off her allergic reaction with her book then you're an even bigger idiot.


        • Jason Wood Jason Wood
          September 23, 2011    

          These organizations may have biases as a result of their employees' ties to food industry, but it's a huge stretch to suggest that they "don't give a crap about your health", not to mention an unhelpful and immature comment.

          We all have to admit that it's very difficult to establish truth in matters such as this. We can only look at the information available, judge the credibility of those providing information, and make our best judgement.

          I admit that I haven't looked much at information relating to dangers of soy milk. I do think that the state of science on the subject of cow's milk is such that there is considerable risk that cow's milk contributes to the growth of certain types of cancer, and contributes to Type 1 diabetes if fed to infants. I don't think it's solid, but enough for me to avoid milk. Given that the milk lobby is so powerful, I would not be surprised if milk is much worse than I perceive, nor would I be surprised if they were feeding the spread of anti-soy information.

  5. Ashley Ashley
    July 3, 2010    

    I eat lots of soy and would love to see some research links to support your assertions. Even if true, please help me as your reader to be better informed.

    • T.nuocca T.nuocca
      August 31, 2011    

      She already provided research links, see the comment above yours.

  6. Diane Diane
    July 4, 2010    

    What about coconut milk as a substitute?!

    • Craire Craire
      October 2, 2011    

      Coconut milk is high in saturated fats and doesn't have the complete proteins that soy and cows milk have. However the literature is conflicted regarding the type of saturated fats in coconut milk and its link to increased LDL cholesterol and thus cardiovascular disease. So use it with caution.

    • BLS BLS
      July 6, 2013    

      Coconut milk is used for cooking purposes but not for drinking……you can't drink coconut milk

  7. July 5, 2010    

    I am glad that you are highlighting the dangers of soy through this article. Soy seems to be in everyting including vitamin supplements and I am depleted of Vitamin D, have Fibroids, gained lots of weight and had difficulty managing my PCOS all of which I attribute to Soy consumption. I just wish I knew about the dangers a lot earlier.

  8. July 5, 2010    

    Diane, coconut milk is a good subsitute. I love it!

    Monica, thanks for sharing your comment. Since I have been off soy I feel great and I'm mainatining my weight without dieting.

    Ashley, I replied to Casey with some helpful links.

    You can also find more abtract studies on Pub Med.

    • Lou S Lou S
      March 31, 2012    

      Dianne, your suggesting Coconut milk as a substitute and trashing soy…you better enlighten your readers of the negatives to coconut milk. Don't think you either know or have the background to be recommending one over the other. Too bad people like you that are not complete in their research have the ear of others. At least when you do your research, and make recommendations, please do so with complete facts. Again, read the negatives of coconut milk…….

  9. Mikel Mikel
    July 5, 2010    

    Thanks for this great article about soy milk! It's like the "holy grail" of "cow's milk alternatives" (others are rice and almond "milks") when in fact it's not anything like milk at all. If I was lactose intolerant, I'd rather substitute water for milk any day or forgo anything that needs "substituting." Really, think about it — would you drink "wheat milk" or "corn milk" or "rye milk" or "tomato milk" or "brussels sprout milk" or anything else that's colored white and called "milk" when it really isn't milk at all? The concept really makes no sense to me, and soy's got so many potential health dangers looming (including the whole GMO thing!) that I keep far, far away from it whenever I (knowingly) can!

  10. July 5, 2010    

    Mikel, glad to see we have the same beliefs. Thanks for taking the time to add your comments.

    • November 14, 2011    

      Your assertion above ,that you both have same beliefs shows that what you say is just sa belief but not science. So please be more civilized to talk in scientific way than relying on mere beliefs.

  11. Amy Amy
    July 22, 2010    

    Wow! I had no idea that Soy milk and other products with soy could be so bad for you. If you don't need it why use it? I think I'll stay away from as much soy as I can and no more soy milk in my house. BUT could you fill me in on other things like Edemame' or Soy protien powders, are these not good either? What do you think of Hemp milk? That seems to be making an appearance on our store shelves.

    Thanks for the information!

    • Abshoy Abshoy
      July 27, 2011    

      soy protein isolate is very bad and caused enlargement of one side of my breast until i stopped drinkin it and everything is back normal again.

  12. Deb Deb
    July 23, 2010    

    Everyone should read this article. I had heard some minor rumblings about soy possibly not being as healthy as the soy industry is promoting but I had no idea how bad it really was. Thanks for the information.

    • Ken Ken
      April 5, 2013    

      I'm getting the same reaction from soy as I do from gluten.Losing vision and Itching.Or am I wrong.Can't figure out whats going on.It's driving me crazy. Ken

  13. Ken Ken
    August 27, 2010    

    I have eliminated soy from my diet and eat meats, whole raw cow's milk, fruits and vegetables, whole wheat breads, exercise moderately on a daily basis and get at least 40 minutes of sunshine daily. I am 53 years old and in the best shape of my life. Until I removed soy from my diet, I was chronically sick or on the verge of getting sick but not any more. Notice all the info on how good soy is for you comes from manufacturers of soy products or soy farmers, whom by the way, are all subsidized by the government. Soy is a neuro-toxin and a testosterone inhibitor. Unless fermented stay away, far away from soy!

  14. August 28, 2010    

    My mom recommended converting too alkaline water instead of bottled water. Something aboutchanging body pH or something like that is supposed to alot healthier for you.

  15. August 28, 2010    

    Your Mom is right. Alkaline is better for the body – less acid. The desired range is 7 to 7.6.

    • November 14, 2011    

      Voluntary alteration of pH of is not advised at all unless one's stomach gets too acidic. This prolonged intake of alkaline fluids actually weakens one's ability to digest itself. What sort of a nutritionist are you? I am constantly wondering how good people try to comment on things which they are least aware of. Please make sure you are right before you comment.

  16. August 28, 2010    

    Ken, thanks for your input. It's very frustrating that the government subsidizes food manufacturers that are making us sick! And, making it harder for the small organic farmer.

  17. October 23, 2010    

    Looks like a good article and reader comments that you have here. I should point out that others certainly propose a varying viewpoint, particularly in regards to natural health. Has anyone here seen more interesting viewpoints on the Web, and could you point me in that direction?

  18. Genta Genta
    October 28, 2010    

    Is kefir yogurt made with soy milk considered as fermented food?

  19. November 23, 2010    

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    I'm just about ready to purchase a GPS but I'm not too clued up on them so would anyone care to supply any information on mobile vs portable GPS navigation? I'm a normal road user and don't have to commute during rush hour as I work shifts. Thanks x

  20. beverly beverly
    March 15, 2011    

    I hear what you are saying, but what about when you purchase the organic soya beans and make the soya milk at home? Is there any artticles that comments about that? I have been doing so for the past couple of years and have experienced no problems whatsoever. Actually when I was on cow's milk being lactose intolerant I had significant abdominal crmps and flatulence. Now I have no problems whatsoever. I believe it can be an individual thing and the processing methods that the manufacturers perform that have an impact on the soya products.


    • Mark G Mark G
      April 20, 2011    

      Beverly, there's nothing wrong with making soymilk at home yourself. Oh, and you can buy non gmo soybeans. If you live in the states look up laura soybeans. They are grown on a small farm in the midwest using organic practices, contain no hexane and are non gmo.

    • June 5, 2011    

      beverly , yes also i realise like this , i am drinking soyamilk and aloevera juice every morning in my home by own made, i am feelimg very good, its best way to live naturaly healthy way,
      s.h sumon,

  21. March 15, 2011    

    Hi Beverly, Did you know that organic soybeans are genetically modified now? As long as you are not having any reactions with soy products, just use them in moderation.

    • Gail Gail
      October 4, 2011    

      Where did you get this info? I just checked the USDA government site Certified Organic Program where it clearly states that NO genetically modified products may be used.

    • November 14, 2011    

      Even the wheat we eat is genetically modified. So do you suggest that wheat is also dangerous!!! . If genetically modified is so dangerous, we shouldn't be eating most of the food we actually eat ranging from fruits to pulses. In reality that GE in soy actually get rids of pro-allergic agents in soy. So one will have less risk of allergy with genetically modified soy.

  22. June 5, 2011    

    Home made soy milk and aloevera is best for all for whole life, no daubt about it.


  23. June 5, 2011    

    Home made soy milk and aloevera is best for all for whole life, no daubt about it.

  24. Nigel Nigel
    June 5, 2011    

    What do i look for on labels to avoid gmo soy? Do you have a list of safe foods

  25. Kelsey Kelsey
    August 15, 2011    

    Keep in mind – these dangers are when people consume large quantities of Soy Milk. Everything in moderation.

  26. cowsRnice cowsRnice
    August 29, 2011    

    This is all anti-veg propaganda, rot in hell dairy council!!!!

  27. Cornel Cornel
    September 5, 2011    

    dear Dianne,

    no problem if you don't eat soy. for the rest of you, folks, don't mind her, she's probably misleaded by what she read in those links.

    when prepared properly, soy is one of the best balanced food you can find. do some google for this. For me is one of the key elements in reversing my 26 years old hepatitis C


  28. Promthanom Promthanom
    September 7, 2011    

    About those links Dianne provided…

    1. Out dated research/studies.

    2. Very limited research. Five sites (two are broken links) with a few articles about the dangers of soy? I could go to dozens sites with proof that say the Moon landing was a hoax. Should I believe them?

    3. One of your research sites list LARD as being a wholesome food. I had to read that one twice.

    4. A couple of the sites you listed just copied/pasted from the same articles word for word. They didn't even do a "scientific" study, they stole someone else's.

    5. This Dr. Mercola you listed has been accused of fraud and scare tactics to make his medical claims. Even the FDA has went after him for some of the "studies" and "research" he has on his website. Ya, he sounds reliable.

    6. A couple of these sites do not look trustworthy for research. I mean they have ADs for "lose weight overnight" and "how to make millions without leaving your home" and look like they haven't been update since 2001.

    7. One sided research. You basically went and Googled "The Dangers of Soy". Good for you, now try and Google "The Myths of Soy" and see what happens.

    8. If soy milk is so toxic then why is it being sold in US stores with an USDA approval stamp?

    9. The one thing I notice you left out concerning the cons about drinking soy milk is that it only applies if you are allergic to soy products or consuming LARGE QUANTITIES DAILY… as in gallons. That also applies to just about EVERYTHING we humans can eat. It's called moderation. Learn to use it.


    The most frightening thing about looking up the pros and cons of soy milk is that a lot of the so called "Soy is BAD" sites have just copied from other "Soy is BAD" sites when it comes to research and studies. You, Dianne, are no different.

    In the end all I did was ask my OB/GYN and family doctors if drinking soy milk was safe for ME. They both said the same thing, "Yes it's safe to drink.


    • guest guest
      September 22, 2011    

      I believe soy isn't good for the body because it's one of the three foods that are the most genetically modified along with canola and corn. Even it turns out soy isn't harmful..I resent buying products (cake..bread..etc.) that contain cheap soybeans..bread should be made out of WHEAT…not BEANS! Dr. Oz had a guest on a few months back who made brownies out of black beans on the show and I thought I would throw up..but that's what consumers are eating all the time if they purchase products with soy ingredients!. I read that soy milk is being made with soy from China where environmental standards are lax. I leave all food items containing soy on the supermarket shelf.

      • Promthanom Promthanom
        September 23, 2011    

        *rolls eyes*

        I hate to break this to you but almost EVERYTHING we eat here in the USA has been genetically modified. From fruits and veggies to beef and pork. You could buy organic of course, but then again unless you actually seen the procedures "organic" farmers use then you don't know what they really done to their product before they slap a "ORGANIC" sticker on it and charge you twice as much as the genetically modified items. Best thing to do is grow your own fruits and veggies and rise your own cows and chickens for meat/milk/eggs. Of course you'll have to grow your own feed for the cows/chickens as well because the feed they sell at the farmers store is genetically modified to be the best for your farm animals.

        Here's a question… did you know that brownies and the most loved type of cake has chocolate in them? Did you also know that chocolate is made from the cacao plant? Did you know it's the BEAN of said cacao that is used to make chocolate? If you resent buying foods that aren't "traditionally" made then go grab a tub of LARD. After all according to one of Diannes research sites it's WHOLESOME for you.

        As for "environmental standards are lax" in China… have you ever been to a chicken or diary farm in the USA? Or even seen the kitchens in some of the restaurants you eat at? And don't get me started on fast food places. Basically, when the health inspectors aren't there then the environmental standards are going to be some what LAX.

        If you don't want to eat soy products then that fine. But at least have a reasonable excuse instead of being a hypocrite and state you won't eat soy because it's been genetically modified or it's a bean or it's not traditional or it could be processed in another country where their health and safety laws aren't like the USA.

        I can't believe I spent almost the entire commute home responding to this. Oh! BTW! I'm currently snacking on a trail mix that has… wait for it… SOYBEANS in it! NOMNOMNOMNOM! I'm probably going to go to hell for saying that … wait a minute! I'm Buddhist! We don't believe in a hell! But I probably got some bad karma coming my way… damn… er… darn!


        • guest guest
          September 26, 2011    

          There are plenty of other reasons I don't eat soy besides the fact that it's GMO. I don't need thyroid problems or bone problems from the aluminum in soy and I definitely don't need estrogen receptor breast cancer from soy. I was speaking to a bank rep on the phone one day and she told me she was on thyroid meds and I asked her if she drank soy milk and she said replied, "yes,,most of my life. I asked her if anyone else in her family had thyroid problems and she said her aunt who has been drinking soy milk for years. She told me she thought soy was healthy and never knew it could have affected her thyroid! I think our entire food supply is a disgrace..I agree with you. Imagine lacing practically all our food with soy when post-menopausal women are prone to getting estrogen receptor breast cancer! I do eat organic as much as I can…I grow herbs..tomatoes..
          hot my garden and I dream of having an organic greenhouse in my backyard but it's too much work for me..I have a bad back.
          Thanks for your response…and stay as healthy as you can despite our contaminated food supply.

        • guest guest
          September 27, 2011    

          BTW, chocolate is made from the SEED of the cocoa is referred to as a bean, but it is not a bean like a legume is..I looked it up. That reminds me..I can't even buy a chocolate bar any longer that doesn't contain soy..if I get the urge I will buy Trader Joe's dark chocolate bars imported from Belgium, it still contains soy, but at least it's not GMO soy because Europe banned GMO's and Trader Joe's says they don't sell any GMO containing foods. Since Obama just gave Monsanto permission to turn millions of U.S. alfalfa (hay) fields to GMO's..I will be buying more imported products from Europe like cheese and butter…I gave up beef a long time ago. I know that the animals are given soy I don't eat much pork and poultry any longer..just small portions. Michelle Obama has an organic vegetable garden at the White House..but the Obama's want us to eat GMO foods…what hypocrites! Even Laura Bush only served organic food at the White House, but it was kept quiet.
          Just the fact that eating soy is controversial keeps me away from it, there other food choices that can be prepared at home without the soy ingredients contained in processed food.
          Another food additive that is harmful and I learned this the hard carrageenan, it's processed seaweed contained in many dairy products/cakes/prepared chicken etc. used as a thickener. I reacted very badly when I ingested carrageenan containing Boston Market chicken and whipped cream at the same meal, my stomach burned for hours and i thought i was getting an ulcer until I researched the side effects carrageenan. One doctor's research indicated that carrageenan may cause breast and stomach cancer. I had to give up ice cream (even the imported ones contain carrageenan) so now I stick to yogurt made from milk with no added hormones or antibiotics. I learned via research that sometimes carrageenan isn't listed on the food label.
          Our soy-added food supply reminds me of the movie Soylent the film the government was deceptively feeding everyone soylent green patties made from dead people!

  29. wow wow
    September 13, 2011    

    I agree entirely with promthanom. If you are having an issue with soy milk it is because you have an allergy to it.

    September 16, 2011    

    Is the soybeans being inedible only when they're unprepared? Because growing up I had tons of boiled soybeans, and never had any problems like you mentioned in this article. The only thing I can think of is maybe boiling denatures whatever is supposedly toxic, but I'd like to see a credible source cited in reference to this, thanks!

  31. Mia Mia
    September 19, 2011    


    I have just come across this article and have to say that I am blown away with all this information. I switched from regular / low-fat milk approximately 2 years ago as I had IBS and it was recommended to try Soy as an alternative.

    I have gained about 5 kilos in weight, and each month my breast size increase and they are very sore to touch (almost too painful some months). I have never had a bloated stomach, and now I have a paunch that I know is because I am bloated. I weighed 54 kilos, am 165cm tall, and have always been fairly active.

    The change in my body has been quite dramatic, being 5 kilos heavier, feeling bloated all the time, having monthly changes to my breasts have all contributed to me feeling very low about myself.

    I truly believe that after reading your article and reading about the dangers of soy from a recent news article from the local paper where I live, Adelaide South Australia, has me reassessing whether I should continue drinking or using soy in my meals.

    Thank you Diane for getting this information out to people like me!

  32. September 22, 2011    

    […] calcium and vitamin D. So there is not a problem there. I personally love the taste of almond milk, and do not recommend drinking soy milk– but that […]

  33. Karen Karen
    September 28, 2011    

    Diane, interesting article but not based entirely on facts. There are non-GMO soybeans out there (Silk, for example uses non-GMO in the milk). Also, vegans cannot use whey protein as a substitute for soy because whey is a derivitive of milk which is off-limits to us vegans. I understand and respect your opinions about healthy eating but this article is based on incorrect data.

    • zenpistolero zenpistolero
      October 17, 2011    

      Having spent a lot of time in the military intelligence community, I am always reluctant to believe anything at first glance. We were taught to identify our own prejudices, opinions, and expectations and to always look for data that would disprove them. Congratulations to a vegan who arrived at an anti-soy website! I'm not convinced this site is wrong, but I'm certainly not convinced by any of the references linked here.

      It's like when somebody tells you that diet sodas make you fatter, it sounds weird. Maybe it matches up to that nagging pattern you've observed of more fat people drink diet sodas, but in the interest of intellectual honesty you know that both the comment and your observation hold zero resemblance to a fact. They explain that your body tastes the sweet but doesn't get the rush of blood sugar so it makes you think you need to eat more, and it sounds plausible. Tell me that this is the conclusion of a research study done in the medical department of Yale University and NOW I'm willing to change my drinking habits.

      Also, I wondered where vegans go for cruelty free grains? There are so many snakes/baby birds/bunnies/gophers/etc that get caught up in the harvesting equipment—are they just ignored because it's essentially impossible to avoid?

  34. jimzoltan jimzoltan
    October 14, 2011    

    Well. Having visited Japan, several times I have witnessed first hand their penchant for soy consumption. They eat tofu daily and consume most of their protein through soy. All of my Chinese friends consume soy milk and soy products daily as well. The Japanese have the longest life expectancy of all nationalities.

    Funny isn't it that their main protein source is so dangerous and unhealthy. I am afraid you seem to have every little real knowledge of the facts. Soy is far healthier than meat. The second group of people with the longest longevity are vegetarians like the 7th Day Adventists who mysteriously are also great consumers of soy and soy products.

    Your article flys in the face of the facts and is simply silly.

  35. Julia Julia
    October 15, 2011    

    At the end of the day you have to make your own mind up but for me I would take milk from a fellow mammal such as cow or goat over something that is crushed, flavored, sweetened and processed to within an inch of it’s life and sold as ‘milk’

    Then there is the swaths of rainforest being destroyed throughout South America to make way for soy bean plantations…For purely environmental reasons there are reasons to avoid. And you guys think the dairy lobby is bad!

    Finally and above all there is the taste! Obviously this is a personal one but for superior taste you just can’t beat real milk!

  36. Andrea B. Andrea B.
    October 19, 2011    

    To all who are bashing the info about the dangers of soy, I have a personal story to share; my mother had breast cancer about 20 years ago and her oncologist told her that her particular type of cancer feed on estrogen. He said that there is a compound in soy that acts like estrogen in the body. Therefore, he advised against her eating or drinking any soy products. She went through chemotherapy and a mastectomy and, thank God, is a cancer survivor to this day and I mean it when I say thank God, because I believe God answered our prayers and chose to heal her. Anyway, I choose to stay away from soy, not only for that reason, but because I have since read many negative studies on it, including that it is said to suppress thyroid function.

    • November 14, 2011    

      Dear Andrea. . the doctor who advised not to consume soya, is completely naive in his knowledge regarding soya. Just because he is a graduated medical doesn't mean that he knows ALL about ALL.. This fear of estrogen like compound in soy that aggravates breast cancer is a MYTH among medical practitioners itself. On the contrary, that estrogen like substance actually has a 36 ways of protecting against breast cancer and only one way of aggravating it. So, on an overall , soy estrogen actually has potential to prevent or alleviate breast cancer. This you can find in our website entirely dedicated to breast cancer care –

  37. Andrea B. Andrea B.
    October 19, 2011    

    If you read the label of about 90% of all processed products in your local supermarket you will see that they all contain some form of soy. It is almost impossible to stay away from it unless you buy all fresh, organic foods. I have also read that approximately 85% of all soy sold in the United States is genetically modified. To me, this sounds like big business taking advantage of American citizens for their own profit and government allowing it to happen. I want to see the United States government require that genetically modified foods be labeled as such, because I believe Americans have a right to know what we are eating and to not be used as guinea pigs for someone else’s profit. Ok, I will get off my soap box now, but felt compelled to share my opinions on this topic.

  38. Potter Potter
    November 2, 2011    

    I switched from fat free and lactose free cow milk to soy milk two days ago because I thought it was healthier. And the reason why I found this article is because I am feeling very bloated with a lot of cramps and want some advice as what to do about it. I had about 4 cups of soy milk yesterday and about 5 to 6 today. That is my regular consumption of milk on a daily basis. Apparent there is some truth to what has been said about soy milk not being all that healthy.

    • Soylover Soylover
      April 11, 2012    

      I believe one of the Soy milk effects is tinnitus,,, which is caused by the high Msg bi-product in the preparation of Soy Milk. Just wondered why I've never had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) before. But the MSG which is an excitotoxin just did fire up the nerves in my head to cause tinnitus. . Guess will have to minimize soy and maybe find a better substitute like coconut water. Will just consume my last few stocks and will consider an alternative.

  39. Diego Diego
    November 14, 2011    

    middle girl I think what you observe is related to blood type which a book has been written about that and is helping people all over the world on that.. eating right for your blood type..

  40. Helen Helen
    November 15, 2011    

    I stop giving soy milk to my kids last year after reading article about soy milk and i did not like what i found out, immediately i throw all soy milk out from my fridge.. my daughter her immune system was mess up with soy milk her period it become irregular. .After five months not giving soy milk to my daughter, he period came back normal…I just want to say thank you Dianne for all your advice and for sharing your knowledge to us.Thank you!

  41. sanjeev sanjeev
    November 15, 2011    

    how about soy milk's role in height increment?

  42. Bigbird Bigbird
    December 12, 2011    

    I still believe eat all types of food in moderation that gives u all wholesome nutrition and balance diet for the day. Exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It applies to all nationalities and races.

  43. […] substitute for milk.  Drink milk instead if you can.  Regarding the reasons to avoid soy milk see here and here.  On the other side of the fence read here.  Clearly soy affects different people […]

  44. Guest Guest
    January 3, 2012    

    I have been drinking Soy milk for about a year with no negative side effects. Low Fat and Non Fat milk causes me to have cramps, gas, bloating and diarrhea in addition to weight loss. I get no gas, cramps, bloating or diarrhea with Soy milk. I have not gained one ounce in the year that I have been consuming Soy products. I have also had great health (no colds or flu for the last twelve years) with low cholesterol levels and low blood pressure. Family members who have warned me against consuming Soy products and Olive and Palm oils, and they only buy organic foods, are consistently sick with colds (at least four times a year) and flus (at least twice a year) amongst others illnesses……Strep throat, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, etc. I will continue to consume Soy or may try Almond milk. I know I will never subject myself to digestive problems by going back to any dairy milk products……it's not worth laying on the bathroom floor passing out from cramp pains!

  45. […] said that the crossover is around 80%.  As a matter if fact, the more time goes on, the more bad things I hear about soy milk for your health.  Just Google “dangers of soy milk” and you’ll have plenty to […]

  46. anonymous anonymous
    February 4, 2012    

    You can't drink cow milk anymore if you check this. The government should disclose the level of strontium 90 and cesium 134 & 137 in the cow milk after the Fukushima nuke meltdown. Strontium-90 is chemically similar to calcium, and tends to deposit in bone and blood-forming tissue (bone marrow). Once it goes into your body, you can't take it out. It emits radiation in the body for decades (half-life 29 years). Cesium 134 is deposited in heart and destroys heart muscle causing heart attack. Strontium 90, cesium 134, 137 were detected in the milk produced in Hawaii, WA and CA. Soy milk may be far better off than cow milk polluted by radio active substances.

  47. Eattowin! Eattowin!
    February 6, 2012    

    You have to drink the soy milk within 5-7 days. It says that right on the label. If you drink it after 5-7 days after opening, you get bloating and gas. Just buy smaller containers or throw it out after that time has elapsed. Soy milk is healthy and this article is filled with poorly researched claims. Look at the sources cited and you will see the shoddy research. Drinking cow's milk is far more dangerous. Read "The China Study" and see why. Why on earth we drink milk from a different mammal is very strange to begin with…would you drink dog milk? Cat milk? Hamster milk? Why not? Why do we drink cow milk?

    • ellie ellie
      March 29, 2012    

      Good point. What's the difference between cow's milk and hamster milk?

    • Tracy Minton Tracy Minton
      July 18, 2014    

      Agreed. There is so much fear mongering going on in the nutrition world these days. Phytonutrients can actually protect excess heavy metals and minerals like iron, copper, and zinc from creating oxidative stress, and reducing risk of cognitive decline as Dr. Barnard points out in Power Foods For The Brain. I came to this site to actually see if there were legit studies cited that I was not aware of that would cause me to rethink my stand on soy, but so far have found none.

  48. ellie ellie
    March 29, 2012    

    Unfortunately, there is no research to back up the opinions in this article. The "research" links given are not links to actual studies done. So when I finished looking over the article, I was left with the same amount of information I had before I started reading it. It would be better to write the article as an opinion vs. fact.

    • Tracy Minton Tracy Minton
      July 18, 2014    

      I agree Ellie, it should reflect an opinion, not fact. I came to this website to look for the studies behind the claims I heard Ian make on a set of DVD’s from several years back that I was given. I have found a lot of the information passed around about soy being toxic to come from those who either sell whey protein, or are from the Weston A. Price, or low-carb communities. The cattle industries certainly want to taint soy as it is a highly bioavailable source of protein that is far cheaper to produce than cows, with a much lighter ecological foot print.

      I have researched soy myself, and have found several studies supporting the health benefits of soy. I have cured myself of very tender, lumpy fibrocystic breast disease that developed while eating animal foods, including mostly grass-fed/wild-caught beef and fish. I also had not eaten any grains/beans/legumes/ or soy for the year+ prior to this reaching its peak, and my weight reaching its peak as well. Eliminating those foods, while adding more regular consumption of tofu/soy milk, beans, and flax seeds all helped heal this w/in 3 months. This happened again after eliminating soy foods, & beans and focusing on fruit, potatoes, and some grain, plus veggies. After a year of eating high fruit, the fibrocystic tenderness returned, and again it healed by adding back soy foods and beans.

      The majority of GMO soy grown is what is fed to cattle. And the so called ‘anti-nutrients’ have been found to have protective health benefits. Dr. Neal Barnard discusses this in his book, Power Foods for the Brain.

  49. sandra sandra
    April 18, 2012    

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any information on the recovery period after eliminating soy. I was a hardcore vegetarian suffering from PCOS symptoms; now that I eliminated soy, and incorporated protein, I feel much better, and have started to lose weight. However, I haven't had a period for 2 months (after eliminating soy). Do you think my body will eventually stabilize or is the damage from soy irreversible?
    Thanks for your replies.

  50. JonSEAZ JonSEAZ
    May 16, 2012    

    A BS article. I have lived in Asia for several years of my life and during that period have eaten considerable soy-based food products, all of which are staples of their respective cultures. In Indonesia, tempeh is a very commonly eaten soya product. In both Japan and China tofu is commonly eaten, and both soya based. I was afforded a lengthy tour of a small commercial tofu factory in Japan and not one part of the process involved "petroleum-based solvent; bleaching, deodorizing, and pumping them full of additives; heat-blasting…." I am 70 years old and remain active and healthy and I have been drinking on a regular basis for several years soy milk.

    • hiddensoy hiddensoy
      May 18, 2012    

      There is nothing wrong with \”fermented\” soy which is the mainstay of Asia. Here in the U.S. it is processed and not all of the toxins are removed.

  51. Momof3 Momof3
    June 13, 2012    

    I fed soy milk to my toddler for over a year as per dr…. I didn't know about the dangers . Sh e now drinks rice milk and will never feed her soy milk again. Do you know if causes long term damage because she drank it for so long?

  52. Valerie Valerie
    June 16, 2012    

    You recommended why protein to vegans. Whey is a dairy product. Vegans do not eat dairy.

  53. varun kumar sharma varun kumar sharma
    June 16, 2012    

    I don't know where from u got the information about soy milk. I have gone through the lots of link regarding soy milk benefit and it's cause ,well i just started to take soy milk in my breakfast after reading suck valuable benefits as i mentioned below one by one.
    1.Improve Lipid profile.
    2.Strenghten blood vessel integrity.
    3.Promote weight loss
    4. Prevent prostate cancer.
    5.Prebvent postmenopasula syndromes.
    6.Prevent osteoporosis
    so after reading above mentioed benefits , i started to take soy milk. Now i am very very confiused that which milk i should drink ?

    • December 27, 2016    

      I think soy milk goes down well with some individuals’ body and it doesn’t go well with others. It’s good to know your body and give it what it can tolerate. Apparently soy milk isn’t good for Dianne Gregg’s.

      I know that Soy milk, contrary to this article, has its advantages. However I’m an advocate for home-made soy milk and not company-processed types likr she explained.

  54. June 24, 2012    

    Hi, Neat post. There is a problem together with your site in web explorer, would test this? IE still is the market leader and a huge component to people will miss your fantastic writing because of this problem.

    • hiddensoy hiddensoy
      July 21, 2012    

      Hi gophers!

      I looked at the page in IE. What is the specific problem you\’re seeing?


  55. stb217 stb217
    June 25, 2012    

    Vegans don't eat whey!

  56. July 21, 2012    

    Vegans can have flax milk though, I just tried it and, so far really like it.

  57. Ellie Ellie
    September 3, 2012    

    Just came on this post as I am lactose intolerant and didn't drink milk for ages. However now I am on a diet to lose weight and I was given soya milk, so I used it for the first time, and I feel extremely bloated, like if I just had milk, quite sick actually. I am happy I came here, I will try substituting milk with something else than soya milk (which I don't even like!).

  58. April 18, 2013    

    Very educative article from my consideration as well! Thanks for informing danger of eating soy milk. I'll definitely inform others to stop eating such milk and from now on I'll quit to have it.

    • December 27, 2016    

      Soymilk is healthy if you process it yourself. I think it would be appropriate to read more articles about it and not base your judgment of good milk on just this one article. Thanks.

  59. Agnes Agnes
    June 20, 2013    

    I have been vegan for 5 months. I eat a lot of organic and “clean” foods. I was loosing waight and i felt great. About 2 months ago I stareted useing organic soy milk in my smoothies (about a cup a day). I notice waight gain (again besides the organic soy milk i eat very healthy). I dont know how much exacly I gained but probably one size up.

    • Shalu Shalu
      September 16, 2016    

      I am on a weight loss regime and I have been specifically asked by my nutritionist not to consume Soy or Tofu. I did not ask her the reason though. But, seems like it is indeed a red alert food.

  60. Barbara Barbara
    July 3, 2013    

    a lot of people have no idea how dangerous soy milk can be…nice post, thanks for that, also pickel salben can be a hazard to the health especially zink….

  61. BLS BLS
    July 6, 2013    

    It's true….when I was drinking soya milk, I got stomach cramps and pain. My gastric problem was worsen

    Thanks for your article

    Thank you very much for opening my eyes

  62. Ricci Ricci
    January 6, 2014    
    • July 31, 2014    

      Hi Ricci,

      Thanks for sharing the article.There are many conflicting facts regarding soy. Based on the research I did, soy in most processed foods is just a cheap filler and gives the product a longer shelf life.

  63. bildo bildo
    February 11, 2014    

    Is that oringial silk soymilk ?????

  64. cassey nero cassey nero
    May 16, 2014    

    thank u very much soy make me gain weight around my waist

    • Nonny Nonny
      July 30, 2016    

      I thought I was the only one suffering due to intake of soya milk,thank you for sharing this article.

  65. Tasnim Saleh Tasnim Saleh
    April 9, 2015    

    I am reading your post as I googled ‘soy milk nausea’. I just had my first frappucino with soy milk instead of milk because I’m lactose sensitive, and I wish I’d gone for the milk. Everything you listed, cramps, nausea, flatulence. I feel completely icky.

    Thank you for putting this out there.

  66. Emma Emma
    August 22, 2015    

    I suffered with bad leg and foot cramps so I stopped drinking organic soya milk and they stopped. I went back to the soya milk and the cramps returned within a week.

  67. Avinash Jog Avinash Jog
    June 18, 2016    

    Helpful article. I was to start soyamilk on regular basis ,now I have changed my decision. I am 66 male ,pure veg from India .My reports like sugar,himogram,lipid profile, sugar etc are excllent. But I am having low waight. What shall I do to gain waight. Avinash Jog

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