6 Simple and Quick Tips for Substitut...

6 Simple and Quick Tips for Substituting Soy
In today’s market 60% of the food commercially available contains some form of soy. Consumers need to know where the soy is hidden in such common items as prepared frozen foods, sauces, seasoning mixes and salad dressings. Here are six quick and simple substitutes for products containing soy. 1. Instead of using vegetable oil – which often [...]

Genetically Modified Soy is Toxic

Genetically Modified Soy is Toxic
Soy is one of the most genetically modified foods on the market. Estimates are that over 90 percent of the soy available today has been genetically modified. Yet the FDA does not require food manufacturers to list whether the soy in its product has been genetically modified. Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmaxhealth. [...]

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Soy Cup
If you are not feeling like yourself, and have symptoms such as nausea, bloating, gastric disorders, unusual weight gain, palpitations, shortness of breath, or lack of energy, a soy allergy may be the culprit. While not everyone will have a severe reaction, it’s important to be aware of what foods you may be eating that are triggering a chang [...]

The Dangers of Soy for Women and Infa...

Mother and Infant
I recently read an e-How article I found and they too know soy products are found in over 60% of our food supply. It’s a substitute for animal proteins for vegetarian and vegan diets. Soy also found in many beauty products, vitamin supplements, and candles. That’s why someone like myself with a severe soy allergy must read every label thorou [...]

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