Soy Toxins Can Cause Major Problems

Many people think soy products and soymilk are healthy substitutes. Unfermented soy is bad for you. It is difficult for your body to digest. If you experience cramping, nausea, or unusual weight gain did you ever consider that it could be related to soy foods? Studies show that it can be contributing to serious health problems.

The difference between the Asian soy and the Western version is that it is fermented. The fermentation process destroys the toxins. The toxins in the soybean were meant to ward off insects to protect the soil. The acceptable forms of soy are Tempeh, miso, natto. Tofu in Asia comes from the pressed “curds” of the soybean and the toxins are removed. It’s not the same tofu that is consumed here in the states. The Western version of soy products is unhealthy soy and can cause health problems.

Some toxins found in soybeans are: Anti-nutrients that prevent your body from absorbing the minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc that can make you more prone to osteoporosis. Enzyme inhibitors make it harder for the body to absorb protein. And, isoflavones that include phytoestrogens, a plant based compound that mimics female hormones and disrupts hormonal balance. It is not limited to women. It can also lower testosterone levels in men. Especially for bodybuilders who incorporate protein drinks in their diets. The goitrogens found in soybeans can cause gout and thyroid problems. Could this be why you are having unusual weight gain?

Read food labels very carefully because most processed foods today have some form of soy. You have to know what to look for.

Eat more whole foods, including lots of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

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After developing a severe allergy to soy that nearly killed her, Dianne Gregg learned the truth behind this supposed health food. “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” is the culmination of her efforts to educate others on the issue in hopes more will avoid soy’s underreported—yet widely researched—negative health impacts.

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