The Hidden Dangers of Soy by Dianne Gregg

Dianne Gregg
Health and Nutrition Writer

Is Soy Affecting You?

Discover the Shocking Secrets the Soy Industry Does Not Want You to Know!

  • Do you feel tired all the time even when you get enough sleep?
  • Are you just not feeling like yourself but can’t figure out why?
  • Are you one of the millions of people suffering from unusual weight gain and who could be developing thyroid disease and never thought that soy might be the cause?
  • Do you experience nausea, bloating, palpitations, anxiety, or gastric disorders?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions… “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” is for you!

After developing a severe soy allergy and nearly dying, I learned how bad soy is at any age. Over 60% of products on the shelves that you eat contain soy. When I eliminated soy from my diet, I lost 32 pounds – weight the doctors told me was tied to menopause.

I present shocking evidence that soy is not the health food it’s marketed to be, and offer readers truly healthy alternatives to this harmful alleged “super food.”

My extensive research reveals that soy does not prevent health problems for many people, but, in fact, may be the cause of osteoporosis, thyroid disease, infertility, and may enhance tumor growth in cancer survivors!

“If you research it, there are hundreds of articles online which link soy consumption to severe acne. Just google soy danger or soy acne and it comes up. Thank you once again, I have reccomended your literature to all my friends and colleagues!”
Zoe Cacciola

Inside this Book…

  • Review the soy connection to common health symptoms and misdiagnoses. (Are you wasting $100’s on unnecessary drug or supplement therapies to lose weight and improve your energy, when in fact soy could be the culprit?) (The Hidden Dangers of Soy, page 126)
  • I will teach you how to read food labels to find the 6 biggest hidden soy culprits. (page 74)
  • Provide numerous soy-free product resources and substitutes I spent hours tracking down so you don’t have to.
  • Why you should never feed your infant soy formula – read horror stories – budding breasts in toddlers and more. (page 59)
  • How soy’s anti-nutrients block the absorption of vital minerals. (page 44)
  • The flaws in studies touting benefits of soy. Soy is NOT a cure for disease! (page 50)
  • Dangerous ingredients that mask soy content. (page 74)
  • How the Eastern version of soy differs from the toxic Western form. (page 36)
  • I’ll introduce you to the tasty, simple to prepare soy-free foods with dozens of scrumptious recipes. (page 80)

“I had severe joint pain and swelling for many years. I was diagnosed with arthritis that and have been taken strong drugs for 10 years, still cannot cure my pain. I learned that I am allergic to soy and I have painful swelling joint every time I have eaten tofu and drink soymilk. After removing soy products for 3 years, my pain is gone and I don’t have to take the strong drugs with terrible side effect anymore.”
Karin Cychan

Is Soy Good for You?

The Truth About Soy from Health Experts

Elaine Hollingsworth - Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia

The Western version of soy is not a food — it is a poison, and millions are allergic to it. This book chronicles one woman’s heroic efforts to trace her life-threatening illnesses to soy consumption. Once done, her next battle was to avoid this omnipresent “food,” that is cleverly disguised to trap the unwary.

A must-read for all who believe the propaganda that soy is a health food, and for those who know it isn’t, and are fighting a losing battle to keep it out of their lives.

Elaine Hollingsworth
Director, Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia
Author of the best seller, Take Control of Your Health and Escape The Sickness Industry

Dr. Al Sears

Would you knowingly eat something that causes nausea, gas pains and indigestion? That leads to hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, gout and even cancer? That contains “bad” fats and other unhealthy substances? Something that has no positive effect on your heart whatsoever?

I certainly wouldn’t. And neither should you. For years now, you’ve been hearing about the “miraculous” benefits of soy-based products. But the reality is far different: In its raw, unfermented form, soy is inedible and foreign to your body. It’s not part of your native diet and your body has no way of successfully coping with it.

Dianne Gregg’s book does a great job of clearly illustrating the dangers of soy and how the media has misinformed millions into thinking they’re doing themselves a favor by consuming more and more soy products. This book is a much-needed wake up call and a must read for every American.

Al Sears, M.D.
Director, Center for Health and Wellness
Wellington , FL
Author of The Doctor’s Heart Cure and PACE: Rediscover Your Native Fitness

Dr. Leonard J. Weiss

I found Dianne’s approach in her book… The Hidden Dangers of Soy alternating between her “personal story” and her enumeration of the medical studies about soy products to be at once compelling as well as informative. Having completed a Nutrition Fellowship at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (as well as doing nutrition research at MIT as an undergraduate), I was impressed with her enumeration of the scientific data on soy products as thorough all the while maintaining a high degree of objectivity.

Leonard J. Weiss, M.D.
Board-Certified in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Addictionology, Forensics, and Nutrition

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True Stories & Kind Words from Readers

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“After taking the challenge and removing soy from my diet, I lost 18 pounds! Thank you, Dianne.”
Lea O’Neal

“Dianne you are incredible! Thank you so much for your well-informed book “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” – my child, Gabe is so much better in every single way – THANK YOU!!!”
Michelle Hill

“I gave the first copy of your book to my daughter-in-law and just picked up a second one for myself. Your book should be sent to all the doctors!”
Dolores Heinze

“Thanks Dianne. I wonder if this was my problem all along. I switched to rice milk last night, and it didn’t seem to hurt my stomach at all).”
Rachel Gunder

“Dianne, your book changed my life! Thank you! After ‘poisoning’ myself for three years I am ALMOST back to normal. Thank you again. ”
Dahlia Steensen

“I am currently suffering from what I think is a soy allergy. The symptoms are swelling in my wrists and fingers: they become red and painful.

It is only now that I make the link between soy and these symptoms. I’ve had weird symptoms for a while but never thought it could be soy. I used to drink soymilk daily and of course use lots of sauces and canned foods that contain soy. I stopped drinking soymilk weeks ago but obviously my body cannot deal with any form of soy. I discovered there was soy lecithin even in the chewing gum I used!”
Annette Bredie

“Dianne, my sister -in-law and I have been on soy-based supplements since 1999 and I just stopped using soymilk. Stopped the supplements 6 or 8 months, but sister-in-law stayed on the products. She now has been diagnosed with Stage 3 (rare) breast cancer. Thank you so much for this information on the dangers of soy. I hope I have stopped them soon enough. I know several doctors that said they did not like soy.”
Donna Peterson

“Thank you for writing a book to help others understand that the food giants and others making huge profits from soybeans are poisoning some of us and at the same time, telling us soy is good for us!”
Kathy Pennebaker

“Soy is very bad for you unless it is fermented. Japanese eat only fermented. I had to have a parathyroid gland surgically removed because of soy. See book “New Menopausal Years” I was eating all kinds of soy – milk, bars, burgers etc. Bad experience. Good kinds are tempeh, miso and natto. Soy is cheap so it is in everything. Thanks for getting the word out.”
Charlotte Benson

“In an attempt to trace triggers to my chronic fatigue symptoms I recently undertook a ‘soy challenge’ for 3 days [after an elimination diet lasting 6 weeks]. I made it through 2 & 1/2 days and then ‘hit the wall’ big time. I spent two weeks in bed and suffered the worst and unremitting headaches and extreme fatigue. I am now into my 5th week after the challenge and am starting to function again albeit slowly. I felt the best I had felt in a long time at about 3 weeks after eliminating soy. Cheers from Tasmania!”
Heather McCosh

“I too, have a severe allergy to soy, peanuts and the various other legumes. I developed my allergy after taking the soy, black cohosh supplement to avoid hot flashes of menopause. I felt achy and my joints were inflamed so my doctor assumed it to be osteoarthritis and put me on Vioxx shortly before its recall. A month later, I was having trouble breathing and various tests revealed nothing.

Many websites tell you just the soy protein is the problem. Not for me! For breakfast I started eating toast with cheese – thinking that was safe (I use real butter, not margarine). After eating that for breakfast I would develop the breathing issue. I thought it was the cheese so I tried only toast with butter. Breathing issues showed up again.

That is when I read the ingredients of the bread package – soybean oil. I began making my own bread, reading all labels, and being very careful what I eat rather than going on medication to try to undo the effects of the “poison” to my body from the soybeans. It was great to be able to breathe again! The sensitivity grows: Just recently, I was feeling really tired. I and I tracked the issue back to soy – in my toothpaste. I switched to plain old baking soda for brushing my teeth and I am breathing easier than I have for months.

How many people are taking medication and being partially disabled by soybean products in our foods, beverages, cosmetics, vitamin supplements, and other products that we ingest or touch every day – poisons to those of us with allergies and perhaps many who don’t recognize they are allergic to them? Thank you for writing a book to help others understand that the food giants and others making huge profits from soybeans are poisoning some of us and at the same time, telling us soybeans are good for us!”
Kathy Penne

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This book is a must have for anyone interested in their health and the health of their loved ones.

The best gift you could give anyone is the gift of health! If you aren’t feeling like yourself, this could be the solution to any symptoms you or a loved one are experiencing that maybe you are developing osteoporosis, thyroid disease, infertility, etc. I know… because I’m living proof!

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