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Soy-Based Foods May Harm Male Fertili...

Soy-Based Foods May Harm Male Fertility

I recently read an article in The Guardian, by Ian Simple. He wrote that a study found a link between soy-rich diets and lower sperm counts. The study showed men who consumed more than two portions of soy-based foods a week had an average of 41 fewer sperm per ml of semen than men who […]

The Dangers of Soy for Women and Infa...

I recently read an e-How article I found and they too know soy products are found in over 60% of our food supply. It’s a substitute for animal proteins for vegetarian and vegan diets. Soy also found in many beauty products, vitamin supplements, and candles. That’s why someone like myself with a severe soy allergy […]

Soy Allergy – Could You Have One?

I started adding soy protein drinks and soy protein bars as a snack when I read ads that said “Soy Serves Up Healthy Benefits.” For eight years I complained to doctors that I was always nauseous, bloated and having unusual weight gain. One night I ate a soy veggie burger and in the morning I […]

Soy Toxins Can Cause Major Problems

Soy Toxins Can Cause Major Problems

Many people think soy products and soymilk are healthy substitutes. Unfermented soy is bad for you. It is difficult for your body to digest. If you experience cramping, nausea, or unusual weight gain did you ever consider that it could be related to soy foods? Studies show that it can be contributing to serious health […]

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