Soy And Weight Gain Affecting Menopausal Women

Women have been obsessed with their weight for years. They try one fad diet after another, only to gain back the pounds, plus some!

I never had a weight problem, always ate everything in moderation, played racquetball 3 times a week, and was so uncomfortable for eight years! My weight climbed from 118lbs to 150lbs! Blood work revealed nothing!

Doctors said “it’s menopause” and to increase my soy intake. I had soy protein drinks for breakfast, soy protein bars for a snack, and a healthy dinner – so I thought.

In 2003, I developed a severe allergy to soy (the anaphylactic shock type) and spent 4 days in the ICU. Doctors said it was food poisoning – it wasn’t! It was an allergy to soy!

I had a soy veggie burger for dinner the night before – and that’s what did me in! My body had enough. I learned soy and weight gain for menopausal women can lead to developing a thyroid problem. I was lucky I didn’t develop this disease.

I read that Oprah has a thyroid problem—she’s a big promoter of soy, and I believe that is what caused her problem. Did you know that Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of “Wisdom of Menopause” also has a thyroid problem? She too promotes soy – and counsels Oprah. Is this a coincidence?

Soy is in practically everything and it’s nothing but cheap filler. Did you know that it could enhance the growth of tumors in cancer survivors? What about the problems with soy infant formulas?

There are many ingredients that you need to learn about because the label won’t always tell you. You need to know what to look for. It’s in vegetable oils, most canned tunas, cereals, and processed foods, just to name a few.

Now is the time has come for all of us to ban together to make real changes in the food manufacturing industry. The health of the nation may depend on the answers.

I would like you to claim your free chapter of my book, The Hidden Dangers of Soy, and also receive soy free recipes.

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Dianne Gregg (94 Posts)

After developing a severe allergy to soy that nearly killed her, Dianne Gregg learned the truth behind this supposed health food. “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” is the culmination of her efforts to educate others on the issue in hopes more will avoid soy’s underreported—yet widely researched—negative health impacts.

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  1. May 25, 2010    

    I've experienced some good results from a product called Natural Energy Max, It did take some time but I think this is always going to be the case with supplements. Since using it though, the results have been steady and I've really benefitted from it. They're offering a free trial currently so it'd be a good time to check it out. It's at

  2. June 27, 2010    

    Thank you for sharing this. Other than that I find soy tastes awful, I also would agree to avoid it since my homeopath mentioned that most of the soy being sold anywhere is artificial!

    I rest my case.

  3. June 27, 2010    

    Too much of anything is not good.

  4. Kelly Spinks Kelly Spinks
    July 31, 2010    

    I was a strict vegetarian for many years and promoted soy whenever I had a chance until I developed an allergy to it because I'd eaten so much of it. I became severely lethargic almost to the point of losing my job, saw many doctors who couldn't help and finally I read an article called "The Dark Side of Soy" that saved my life. Within a week I was back to normal, after I eliminated all soy from my diet. I now eat fish for protein and some dairy, but still am suffering the effects hormonally from soy. I do believe that soy made me infertile and gave me PCOS, polyps, thickened uterine lining and also low levels of all sex hormones by the time I was in my late 20's. My body just shut down from the soy. The gyno asked if I'd been on hormone therapy after she saw my results, I never had. Stay away from soy, it is not only a junk food but very dangerous to your health.

  5. Missy Missy
    August 30, 2010    

    I had trouble losing weight, so I bought Nutrisystem. After 2 weeks on the diet, I felt terrible, my joints were swollen, my stomach was bloated, I had terrible gas, and was foggy and dizzy all of the time. I checked the top ingredients: soy and wheat. At that time, I thought it was the wheat causing my problems. So, I have been Gluten-Free (wheat) for a year but still not feeling 100%. Recently, I started eating multiple GF protein bars and sticking to a strict exercise regime, but started getting bloated and having joint pain. The bars had multiple soy ingredients. SOY?! Really? Could food be making me feel so bad even though I had been exercising 1 hour a day? Yes, I have been off of soy and wheat for 1 week and have lost 8 pounds. The bloating and joint pain is mostly gone. WOW! I feel like a new woman. It is hard to believe that just by eating things like salad dressings, blackened chicken, or canned tuna can make you feel so bad. Unbelievable.

  6. Missy Missy
    August 30, 2010    

    Just found out cheing gum has lecithin…soy. Ughhhh!!!!

  7. Missy Missy
    August 30, 2010    

    chewing gum…..oops.

  8. August 30, 2010    

    Missy, you can purchase glee gum. It's soy-free and you can order it online (I buy the box), or purchase it at Trader Joe's if you have one. Maybe Whole Foods carries it as well.

    Enjoy your gum again!

  9. October 3, 2010    

    There are going to be times when eating your Medifast meals might be difficult, inconvenient, or impossible. Now, you can change around the time of your lean and green meal to try to minimize this. For example, if you know you have a lunch meeting at a restaurant, you can have your lean and green meal for lunch that day rather than at dinner. That's perfectly acceptable and as long as you chose wisely at lunch, there should be no harm done.

  10. Sol Sol
    January 7, 2011    

    Well I just heard about the SOY MILK side effects(weight gain) I been working out very faithfull for 6 months and taking care of what I eat, specially "drinking my soy milk smoothies" This morning after having a very good week of intensive work-outs and counting my calories I have NOT lost not even ONE pound! And been noticing my breast looks nice and fluffy:)steel Iam feeling confuse and blaming that maybe my hipo-thyroid is giving me problems again or I am just FAT. I am venting with my hair dresser and she asked me about my food routine I tell her about the soy milk and she looks at me and says THAT's IT Sol. she sais that her personal trainer just told her to stay away from THE SOY MILK that it will not let you loose weight and because the strogen my boobs are growing…. I google it and here it is, I am so mad and happy at the same time but I will not have anything with soy ever. I just hop I feee my boobies stay the same " I feel so ready to shed this weight" Will start with the almond milk now wish me luck

  11. January 9, 2011    


    Thanks for sharing your story. Read the label on the Almond Milk because the front of the carton says "soy-free" but it contains lecithin which has soy in it. Look for So Good Coconut Milk as an alternative. It tastes great and no soy!

    Your wife is right – the soy is contributing to weight gain and your breast will go back to normal.

    Male infants on soy formula also have the breast problem, but as soon as you stop drinking soy milk, they will go back to normal.

  12. Elyse Elyse
    February 3, 2011    

    Is there someplace that I can get a list of all the different names for soy? I want to start looking for it on labels, but don't know all the different things it might be called. Thanks!

  13. February 7, 2011    

    Hi Elyse,

    Thanks for participating. I devote an entire chapter on where the soy is hidden in the book, The Hidden Dangers of Soy. It is also included in the e-book. With the e-book orders you receive additional soy-free recipes that are not in the printed book.

    Feel free to share this with family and friends.

  14. Athena Athena
    May 12, 2013    

    OMG- After reading about soy I immediately replaced it with Blue Diamond Almond Milk- totally unaware that this brand also contains soy. No wonder I still feel like crap and haven't lost one pound. ….. and I am a 55yr old female and avid exerciser- …. Thanks for the list!!

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