Dianne Gregg in the Media

KOTA Focus Show Recording

Cary Nosler - Host/Producer KSTE Radio

“Dianne Gregg has become the voice of the consumer with her book The Hidden Dangers of Soy. By telling her own story she has given voice to those who have found the promise of soy to be an empty one and potentially life threatening.

Cary Nosler, Host/Producer KSTE Radio
Pasadena, CA

Simone Mitjans - Nutritional and Healthy Lifestyle Expert

“Dianne Gregg was a hit guest in my “Eat Right For Your Body Type” program. Her message about the dangers of soy is authentic and crystal clear! As a result of her information I and the participants from our program decided to discontinue consuming soy and soy products. We are grateful for Dianne’s dedication to delivering the truth about soy.”

Simone Mitjans, Nutritional & Healthy Lifestyle Expert
Celebrated Author of Pure Health System

Beth Aldrich - A Balanced Life Radio

“Dianne Gregg was a real “eye opener” on my afternoon program. She was sharp, concise, and knowledgeable about her subject, and “a natural” for radio. She had the story behind the story and I would welcome her back any weekday afternoon when I feel that my listeners need a jolt of reality. Besides, she changed my mind about some things and made me think twice. I was one of the many who subscribed to the old saw that soy is good for you. Well, wake up and smell the coffee…I mean the SOY!”

Beth Aldrich, Founder
www.forherinformation.com and
A Balanced Life Radio www.contacttalkradio.com

Jerry Puffer - KSEN Host

Everyone concerned about their health and the foods they eat needs to read The Hidden Dangers of Soy by Dianne Gregg. From prepared meat to bread, from vegetable oil to soups, soy, its anti nutrients and estrogens are everywhere. Soy is wrecking lives and creating everything from allergies to infertility, from weight gain to depression from fibroids to sexual dimorphism. Find out how and what you can do!

Jerry Puffer, Producer/Host, KSEN
Radio; Shelby, Montana

Joey Martin - CKNX Radio

“I had a next door neighbor that was a newly crowned vegetarian who couldn’t explain excessive weight gain after focusing on soy for over a year…after hearing our program, he subsequently went “off” soy and has felt more energetic and has lost almost 15 lbs! Thanks Dianne!”

Joey Martin, Producer/Host, CKNX Radio, The Bull

Tania Gabrielle - Celebrity Numerologist

“Dianne Gregg is by far one of my favorite guests on “By The Numbers.” Her expertise, down-to-earth manner, along with her touch of humor, makes her a valuable asset on any show. And the subject matter? Wow! Every one of my listeners will benefit from her advice. I did! After interviewing Dianne, I bought a dozen copies of her book “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” to give away to friends, my daughter’s school, and family members. Dianne Gregg will keep you and your listeners riveted.”

Tania Gabrielle, Celebrity Numerologist
Producer/Host of “By The Numbers”

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