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There are plenty of soy milk dangers that most people do not know about. You can find a great deal of information regarding soy milk side effects and how it can be potentially dangerous here on our site. If you want to know more about soy milk and soybean oil side effects, you should take a look at the book The Hidden Dangers of Soy, which can give you a lot of the information you need, as well as some guidance as to how to erase soy from your life.

Soy Milk Dangers – Weight Gain ...

Many people think soy milk is healthy, especially when they are lactose intolerant. That’s because advertising promotes it as a healthy alternative. It isn’t. Soy milk dangers exist because it’s an unnatural by-product your body can’t digest without processing. If you were to eat unprocessed soy, it would cause cramping, nausea, and can cause more […]

Soy For Babies – Not A Healthy ...

Here in the United States we have an excess of soy consumption that is causing health problems for babies as well as adults. Unfortunately, all the hype about how good soy is for you, keeps many moms for being aware of the dangers. Mothers, thorough magazines and advertising have been convinced that soy formula is […]

Is Soy Infant Formula Really Healthy ...

Parents choose soy formula because they believe that it is less allergenic than cow’s milk even though soybeans themselves are a major allergen, but highly processed unfermented products loaded with phytates, enzyme inhibitors, rancid fatty acids and altered protein most certainly are not easy to digest. The claim is that soy is an acceptable substitute […]

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