A Chef’s Story Of  Winning Over an Allergy

condimentsFor eight years, I suffered from unusual weight gain, bloating, and nausea.  After being admitted to the ER, (I thought I was having a heart attack), I went into anaphylactic shock!  After four days in the ICU, the doctors could not figure out what was wrong, and said I had food poisoning.  I didn’t agree.

I discovered I had a soy allergy and published “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” hiddensoy.com.  I learned so much through my research that I decided it was time to share my knowledge with everyone.

My soy allergy became frustrating because I was very limited as to what restaurants I could eat at without knowing the exact questions to ask, or going grocery store shopping and reading the entire labels to be sure the food was safe for me to eat.

I was getting bored with eating the same foods everyday that I decided to enroll in Culinary School and became a certified chef so I could create products for people with allergies, and I am doing just that!

I started recipesforyourallergies.com where I share recipes with substitutions for a particular allergy.

I am now in the process of producing Chef D’ Soy-Free Soy Sauce that is receiving great feedback.  The advantage to this sauce is that it is allergy-free!  There is no MSG, and low in sodium, which makes it a great alternative for people with heart disease or high blood pressure.

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Dianne Gregg (94 Posts)

After developing a severe allergy to soy that nearly killed her, Dianne Gregg learned the truth behind this supposed health food. “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” is the culmination of her efforts to educate others on the issue in hopes more will avoid soy’s underreported—yet widely researched—negative health impacts.

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